Ayapewa Paradise Savage Fashion Files

Ayapewa is a cool place where we like to showcase anything thats related to hunting, fashion and especially combinations of both of these elements simply because we think they go hand in hand. Tired of seeing tasteless hunters hit the trails with only their old school tight levi jeans and an fluorescent orange jacket? Yeah we hear ya — We’ll help you out by listing a few hot items that’ll be sure to be on your christmas list this year. That is of course if youre a hunter.


jacket-camoA sweet manly camo jacket — this is a necessity if youre going to be serious about your hunting – if you look like a hunter, if you smell like a hunter — well by golly, you must be a hunter ;) A great looking one might I Add.


If youre a woman — and looking for some good advice related to hunting sportswear and fashion — i would head over here to get some more info. Its a lot of information to take in but worth it.





What about shark teeth? We think they look badass and definitely have a role with fashion for hunters. Take a look at this for yourself!





We don’t know if youd ever wear these but for anyone that likes guns, ammo or hunting — these are the type of accessories that we live for.





After scouring the web, we found that winthrop u was hosting a jewelry seminar that focused on how hunters used precious metals in the past and how these metals turned into profitable jewelry items. Very interesting!



Ayapewa a deja ete un emplacement populare au quebec — voir ci-dessus!

Profitez d’un séjour ou d’une journée à la pourvoirie Aya pe wa et découvrez ses lacs et ruisseaux. Tout au long de nos 35 kilometres de sentier, admirez des panoramas qui vous transporteront à l’époque des tours de garde-feu, patrimoine de cette région de l’arrière-pays. Pêche, chasse, randonnée pédestre, safari photos, ornithologie, mycologie, cueillette de petits fruits.

Venez découvrir ce coin de paradis sauvage! AYA PE WA